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Do these things to keep rats away from your home

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An unexpected glimpse of a rat can startle us. Whether big or small they are something to be cautious about. Rats are often connected with damages since they can contaminate foods, grind electrical wires, and leave their droppings everywhere. So, it is important to identify the presence of rats in your home. Once identified, we should see the causes and necessary precautions to keep them away should be done.

A major reason for rats entering or living in your home is because of the hospitality you provide. They are mammals,  and they want to maintain certain body temperature to keep themselves warm. So, they would enter your home and settle down once and for all. Track their habitat is the most important factor and it’s really simple since they leave traces of their existence everywhere. Keep reading to know 6 ways to keep rats away from your home, which is economical and easy at the same time.

  1. Onion.

Once their habitat is identified, you can keep pieces of onions on the entering holes. Rats can’t stand the pungent smell released from the onion. And they run away leaving their habitat.

  1. Garlic.

Crush garlic and mix it with water to make it into a spraying consistency. Spray this solution to ride rats away.

  1. Chilly flakes.

It’s not just humans who are sensitive to spicy chilly flakes, but rats and other pests as well. Sprinkle chilly flakes where the probability of their traffic is high. The spiciness won’t let them anywhere near your home.

  1. Clove.

Way to get rid of rats without spending too much money or effort is by using clove. Cover cloves in thin cotton or muslin cloth. Keep the clove ball near rat holes and the smell is enough to ride the rats away.

  1. Bay leaves.

This is in fact a sweet trap for rats. Bay leaves have an amazing appetizing smell. This invites rats towards the leaves and imagining it is some sort of food, they would try to eat the leaves. Eventually, the rats would choke to death.

  1. Peppermint oil.

Sprinkle peppermint oil into cotton balls and keep these balls at the entering points of rat holes. The strong smell of peppermint oil is enough to keep rats away from your home.

All these methods are effective and economical to keep rats away from your home. But, if you think their existence is more of a threat for yourself, it is advised to seek help from experts or professionals.

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