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6 incredible benefits of lemon

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Lemons are the rich source of vitamin C, which is good for both body and your skin. Lemon has been a vital ingredient in many of the home remedies for curing health conditions such as iron deficiency, heart diseases, anemia, etc. Lemon is also used in food to add flavor in it, although it cannot be taken directly as it is sour. Keep reading to know more about the benefits of lemon.

1. For hydration.

Drinking water is a very essential step to start your day. It is recommended to drink at least 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women.
It is not easy for everyone to drink that amount of water as it is. In that case, you can make flavored water by squeezing a lemon into it. This drink helps to keep you fit and energized throughout the day.


2. Improves the immune system.

Foods that are a great source of vitamin C and other antioxidants are very helpful in strengthening your immune system and will help in fighting with bad bacteria. Immunity is the thing that will protect your body from all these diseases which makes you weak.


3. For glowing skin.

We love having flawless skin. And to achieve your dream skin, we rely on cosmetics and beauty products. we always forget that nature is the best cure. Lemon repairs your skin. Applying diluted lemon juice helps in preventing wrinkles, and tan. It also helps in lightening your skin tone.

4. For curing kidney stones.

Our body tends to accumulate waste in the form of stones inside our kidney, when we don’t have enough fluid in our body. Lemon helps in clearing that stone from the kidney. And flush out other toxins from the body as well.


5. Helps in weight loss.

The widely used citric fruit for weight loss is lemon. You can either directly squeeze a lemon into your salads or even take the lemon juice. This helps in toning your body.

6. Aids digestion.

Since Lemon is a source of vitamin c and fiber, it promotes metabolism and helps in better digestion as well. Even though lemon has a lot of benefits, there are other factors that are to be taken care of. Never apply lemon juice directly into your face or take it directly without diluting. Because it is a powerful acid and can harm your skin and body adversely.

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