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6 Best Indoor Plants

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What makes the interior of a house beautiful and cozy? The answer is very simple! Thoughtfulness! Choosing the right amount of light, shade, color, properties, etc. are the factors we need to focus more on rather than spending a fortune over aspects that can’t just pull everything together comfortably.

One of the most crucial elements to add to an interior space is plants. Before complaining the plants are not growing, or the leaves are showing yellow patches, or even got dead, we have to look into certain aspects.

Not all the plants need sunlight, not all the plants need plenty of water, some can’t survive in low light, some others can’t survive in low humidity. So, the nature of plants differs from one plant to another. Here, are the 6 best indoor plants that you could choose for your interior.

  1. Pothos

Pothos are commonly called money plant. It is an economical plant which needs minimum maintenance. And can be propagated and grown in both soil and in water.

  1. Snake plant.

Snake plants are also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. The plant looks like a snake, that’s why the name snake plant. This plant can survive even the toughest of conditions and doesn’t need regular watering or maintenance.


  1. Spider Plant.

One of the most appealing interior plants is the spider plant. It instantly gives a bushy and green look to any corner of your home. This plant needs bright light, but not direct sunlight.


  1. Rubber Plant.

The rubber plant is another aesthetically pleasing interior plant that needs barely any maintenance. It is a good air purifier and needs bright light.


  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Fiddle leaf fig is an ornamental plant that can be kept inside the home. This requires indirect bright light and moderate watering.

  1. ZZ plant.

ZZ plant is one of the most favorite plants for every Gardner. This plant requires hardly any maintenance. It can withstand both bright and low light. ZZ plant can survive sturdy without water for up to two months.


If proper care is given to plants individually, most of the plants can survive and accustom to your home condition very easily.


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