There’s no party like a beagle party

One day and 2 years ago, an angel was born.

Ever since I first laid eyes upon my pooch-smoochy, I knew we were meant to be.

Looking back at 2 Christmases ago, and how badly I’d missed having a companion, it’s nothing short of a miracle how April came to be. The loss of my beautiful dog, Chica, was magnified as the holidays approached.

I wished and prayed hard for a puppy, and unknowingly, a few days later (New Years Day), April was born. When my family and I met her, she had literally just become adoptable. It was all such perfect timing, that I began to realize that this was no coincidence…She was meant to be mine and I was meant to be hers. We brought her home that same day, filling what was once a hollow home with loads of love. Who knew that such a tiny package was capable of mending the broken hearts of a family of 5.

The impact that April has had on my family has been enormous, and I couldn’t be more grateful to call her my little baby. I smile from ear to ear again when I talk about her, and my heart really feels full again.

I know you can’t read this, but happy birthday to my 2 year old beagle. Your mommy loves you more than anything in this world! Keep on being sassy. XO


These high-waisted jeans are from Express. I love them mainly for the fact that I didn’t need to DIY cut them, since they’re considered “ankle length” for someone of normal height. Gotta love loopholes!

There’s no party like a beagle party.

Just look at how scrumptious she looks in her birthday dress! Oh my gosh.

Kissies… XX

You can get my fave white tee and super cute sock booties at Zara! They’re currently running a major sale, which is how I scored these boots for half price. I suggest you check it out (online/in store) before whatever you have on your wish list becomes sold out.

After so many treats, it’s time to snuggle up with Mommy’s blanket and sweater.


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