I mean…

If you don’t have class, work, or piles of laundry to put away, like I do.

Well, I’m just trying to make the most of this busy-bee day. After all, a girl can accomplish just about anything with a fresh cup of coffee on hand.

Below is my interpretation of comfy-chic.

This awesome duster was a bargain, I found (a while ago) from a boutique at my local mall. Although I couldn’t manage to find one that is more closely related, here’s a light blue/grey one from ASOS, with awesome sleeves.

Of course I have to wear my super comfortable jeggings on a day like today, of which I cannot link here, since I am only finding kid-sizes online. #petiteproblems- Just kidding. If you walk into their store, you’ll find a whole wall of their comfy jeggings with a wider variety in sizes.

December’s Vogue. I have way too many prints, and yet not enough. #keepprintalive

If you love your white sneaks, treat them right! I try not to wear this pair of chucks when the weather starts getting crazy, for the fear of wearing them down quicker, or dulling the white color. When I’ve worn them, I quickly make sure to cater to any scuffs and/or dirt marks, and place them neatly in my closet. These are just your basic, white high tops, by the way.

Yeah, I look like a crazy person, but how cute is my pooch!?

This scarf was a gift from a family friend. It has such a beautiful design and silky appearance, plus it’s versatile. I either wear it in my hair, around my neck (in 2-3 different ways), and on my purses/backpacks.

Zara sells relatively cheap ones with unique designs, here are two of my favorites: 1, 2.

I’m thinking of putting together a post on styling scarves, let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that in the comments below! 🙂

Kisses for her mommy. xo These glasses are an old (faux) pair, from Forever21.

BTW my ends look atrocious because I combed out my braid-slept-in hair. I rarely ever use heat on my hair, so I decided to deal with it for the day.

Me and my girl!

If you can sort of see the backpack I’m wearing (on the side), it’s one that I believe I’ve posted on the blog, before. You can find it at Zara!




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