December’s First Monday

Hello Bloggies!

Today, I’m showing you some snippets of my Monday, that will likely set the tone for the remaining week…Happy December!

I FINALLY received my acceptance FOLDER in the mail! UPDATE: I’ve loosened my grip on the congratulatory email (on my phone) and carry this thing around with me with pride, instead.

Am I a loser?


Am I still going to do it?


After I came back from my Yoga class, I decided to relax by the Christmas tree with a cup of hot cocoa…

…And April Marie, of course! Check out a sneak peak of her “ugly christmas sweater.” 🙂 I’m the best Mommy ever.

I usually don’t like to dress too flashy when I’m at community college, since I prefer my presence to be low-key when I’m there. Today I was feeling super extra-y and went for the faux, fur-collared coat and giant, polka-dotted headband (h&m). I even went in and dabbed my eyelids with some Lord & Berry Glow Strobing Pencil  and Covergirl’s TruNaked Roses palette in the shade Rose Gold. (This eyeshadow palette is a whopping $12.99, with results comparable to Urban Decay’s Naked palettes, in my opinion…Just a tip!)



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