Farewell, November

The copper-toned month of November is coming to an end, so here are some of my favorite Autumn-esque photos for you to enjoy. Sit back, grab a cup of (pumpkin) flavored coffee, and peruse Pinterest, Be•Bloggy-style.

Note: Some were lazily pulled from Instagram, hence the bottom left corners including a tagged sign.

The way the sun shines down on the trees, leaves and grass (just before sun-down), never ceases to amaze me. Ah, what a view.


The usual set up…I pick out a vogue, lucky pair of (spider) embroidered flats, favorite (pumpkin-spiced) scented candle and I’m ready to roll.

Mornings with the baby girl are great when I’m in no rush to get to class. We sit and have breakfast together.

Rupi Kaur is a fantastic poet. Simple, to the point, poetry.

Shockingly, I’ve kept these babies as bright and white as the first day I brought them home. I live for casual sneaker days. Of course, this wouldn’t be an “Isabel shoe-fie” without the DIY raw-cut jeans. I can’t get enough of cropping my own jeans, a short gal’s gotta look taller somehow, right?

Admiring this awesome pumpkin art of Sally and Jack, from The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Rise Event on Long Island)

I was a cat for Halloween (at work), so my girl was too.


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