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I’ve been contacted by creative companies who wanted to collaborate before, but I’ve always been wary about it. I’m a control freak. Control freaks don’t typically feel comfortable passing the torch to the unfamiliar. Anyway, I’ve been idle with Be•Bloggy, trying to figure out what it needed to become more personalized…That’s when Laura from Blogerize came in.

Laura became my “fairy blog-mother” practically overnight. Her and the Blogerize team curated the perfect design for my blog makeover, and allowed me to be an active part of the process, which ultimately put my mind at ease…Must I reiterate? (Control freak, over here!) Lol.

In order to be able to play around with my website’s set up and design capabilities, Laura informed me of some websites where I could finally take the next step in blogging, and self-host. Since I already own the domain through, I could have switched to (which is a self-hosted version of, with more freedom). Instead, Laura so helpfully informed me of the better deal available (of which I am proudly using), (which includes a free download of all wordpress tools). Needless to say, I was able to take full advantage of the Cyber Monday deal at 70% off regular pricing, for the GrowBig Plan. Ownership at a steal! Yay!

I’m incredibly pleased with Blogerize’s punctuality as well as profesionalism. Laura and I exchanged messages and updates via email, so that I’d achieve maximum comfort in transitioning from a hosted to self-hosted If there was a bump in the road, she was only a few characters away from typing me through it. From the initial pitch, all the way down to going live with the new design, this operation ran more smoothly than I ever could have hoped.

If you are currently thinking about making the jump from assisted-hosting to self-host, I highly recommend contacting Blogerize. They are exceptional, and I am over the moon with my experience!

Thank you so much Laura & Blogerize!

Isabel from Be•Bloggy

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