Days like today remind me of why I’m a geek for the Fall, and not the heat. I was able to manage being that my only class of the day took place during late-morning, however, upon arriving home I began to sweat. Yuck. Where, oh where did my sweater weather go? Please come back!

Sincerely, Moi.

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Red makes me feel bold and powerful, it has become one of my favorite colors this year! This Forever 21 beret has been patiently sitting in my closet for far too long. Today, I finally decided, “What the hell!” and broke it out for a little while. I am absolutely loving the extremely saturated hue, of which I matched to my E.L.F. Moisturizing Lipstick in Red Carpet.

I’ve become so inspired by the idea of learning a new language, I’m thinking of taking an extra class next semester. Perhaps French? Maybe Italian? Depending on where I wind up studying (fingers crossed on all 7 of my prospects), I’d like to take one or a series of courses at school. Since I was raised bilingual, I realize that being able to understand and speak another language truly has its advantages. My recent lust for travel has me dying to study abroad at some point in my educational career, so I feel like this would also benefit me immensely at that point.

We’ll see what I wind up doing about that, but I figured I’d raise the idea to others who may be considering or partaking in a similar endeavor. Let me know what you think of learning a new language and if you suggest taking a course in school or outside of campus. Languages are not easy to learn, especially when you’re already an adult…However, the challenge deems appropriate for my competitive nature.


Suede block heels: Michael Kors, High-rise jeans & Off-the-shoulder top: Express.

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Basic backpack: Zara

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