Make It Yours

Hey everybody!

I’d like to kick off this post by expressing an immense amount of gratitude to my readers.  The love that I’ve been receiving for Be•Bloggy has been fantastic and I owe it all to you! It puts the biggest smile on my face when I see that people from all over the world are tuning in to what I’m babbling about. As a blogger, it’s my goal to feed your interests and keep you on yours toes, constantly. I hope that I’ve done that thus far, and will continue to strive for better as we move forward. I say “we” because this is truly a team effort. For your kind comments, likes, shares, views, (etc.) Be•Bloggy is able to grow alongside you all…And I thank you from the bottom of my happy heart!!! xxx


I’d developed the thought process of a pessimist in recent days. No need to sugar coat it, I came to grips with what was my reality. With college back in session, pending papers and exams are resting on one shoulder while transfer applications weigh down on the other. I’m breaking out and experiencing the most irritable side effects of Isotrenoin, and to top it all off, I begin a new job within the next week or so.

Sometimes you need to take a step (or more) away from the things that stress you out. For me, a weekend of self indulgence helped to expunge a lot of the negativity that occupied my spirit. However, I still carried a sluggish demeanor.

I began the week feeling ready enough to “get by,” and that was fine. However, the Yoga class I took on Monday night took my mind to new heights. It sounds cliché, but it became the perfect medicine for my inner madness. I’ve taken numerous Yoga and Pilates classes, months before falling off track, but this teacher made me fall back in love with the practice. I’m receiving college credits to bliss out while stretching the mind, body and soul…It can’t get any better than that. I look forward to learning more as the semester unfolds.

Earlier today, I still felt incredibly present. Obviously, caffeine played a large part in keeping me awake, but both are very different outcomes. Being present isn’t about how much sleep you got, and it certainly won’t be absorbed by drinking a magic cup of dark roast. It’s more about awakening the senses by allowing yourself to think in a new and profound way. It’s not something that is easy to explain, so I’ll leave the rest up to interpretation…Or, you could just take a few classes on your own and perhaps you’ll catch what I’m throwing, ya feel? (Lol)

SO, all yoga aside…”make it yours.” This popped into my head (mid-afternoon) while doodling in my notebook, blocking out the excessive noise that surrounded me. For perhaps no reason at all, it triggered intense feelings of positivity for my mind. I was able to gather all of my hopes and dreams and imagine them coming to fruition. That’s when I realized, with a little love and a lot of hard work, I am capable of molding my future to what I want it to be. By owning the adversities that present themselves (as mine), I may then rise above and conquer.

The good, great, bad and the awful…this life is yours. Make it yours!



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