6 Products That Will Elevate Your Summer Steez


Hello my lovely readers,

This post is dedicated to my natural makeup fanatics and lovers of all things dewy!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I am beginning (and now on my second month of) Isotrenoin for my moderate acne/scars. I’ve struggled with this battle early on in high school and to my dismay have seen it’s return in recent months.

An unfortunate side effect of taking this medication is chronic dry skin and lips. The products below have been my saving grace in helping me still feel on top of the world and glow-y as ever!

I’ve linked each product directly to where you can also purchase them.

  1. Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

There’s nothing quite like a moisturizer-sunscreen, it’s equivalent to hitting the jackpot of 2 for 1’s! This product goes on a little more heavily than your typical moisturizer, but your skin reaps the benefits. You’ll be glowing beneath your makeup for hours to come! Let’s face it guys, our skin is not invincible to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although you should always be sun-protected, during the Summer months it’s obvious that one must be especially more vigilant. You should actually view a product like this as your new best friend. One can never have too much SPF!

2. Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum


I didn’t think I would become quite so attached to this product when first recieved, it’s funny how it has become EVERYTHING in my daily beauty routine now! This wonderful serum is best blended by the warmth of your fingertips (and I once read that the middle finger does best). I’m currently hooked on Sunrise, which is the color swatch shown above. You can also dab a little bit of color to your lips for a perfect match…I even sometimes take excess from my blending finger and dab the eyelids. I especially recommend this for my hazel/green eyed girls, it totally makes the green in your eyes POP!

3. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 


With a variety of hues available for purchase, I can easily say that 608 Cottage Cheese is my favorite. Being a shimmery off-white, you can swipe this baby on your eyelids or dab it along your cheekbones for a pretty highlight. I prefer to use the warmth of my fingers to blend out this product and find that it works best!

4. Elf Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 15


This product may have the coverage of a heavier weight foundation, but looks and feels like a glow-y BB or CC cream. The application becomes practically fool proof when paired up with the Ultimate Blending Brush. It goes on smooth and blends easily to perfection. I’m currently in between colors and mix Buff and Sand on the back side of my hand for the perfect match.

5. Elf Clear Brow and Lash Mascara


Sometimes our lashes need an extra lift and our brows deserve a little grooming. Whether or not you decide to coat your lashes in black mascara afterwards or pencil in the sparse areas of your brows, try swiping some clear gel on for a neat and natural look! There is a side made specifically for eyelashes and the opposite for eyebrows. For maximum results, I recommend first curling your lashes/brushing your brows before  wiping excess off of the applicator and then brushing the gel in an upwards manner. I am obsessed with this product because it was intended for a long-wear hold. Hours later, you’ll still have enviously curly lashes and strategically arched brows. I even find that after I’ve washed my face/take makeup and gel off, my eyelashes stay curly and kept.

6. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 


Perhaps it’s the refreshing plant essences, maybe it’s the luscious shine. Combined with Vaseline, this formula is a keeper and a life saver for me, especially in Mint (which actually applies clear). This lip oil treats and soothes when applied, instantly and for hours to come. It sort of feels like the lip gloss you once loved in high school with none of the icky stickiness! Whether you’re looking to add shine to your (already set) lip color, moisturize before applying lipstick, or just add something extra cool and natural to your lips…This is for you.




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