Maximalist: J. Crew’s departed Jenna Lyons


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Sadly, we’ve reached an end of an era at the news of Jenna Lyons leaving J. Crew only a few months ago. The now 48 year old has graced the Fashion world with her impeccable taste and kind-hearted presence with a variety of titles at the hand of retailer J. Crew.

Lyons is a force to be reckoned with, complete with a quirky and cool style. You can recognize her by the wide-brimmed lens of her glasses and sleek parted bun. Often also sporting a coral (border-line orange) colored lipstick, it’s clear that she is not afraid to play with a wild array of colors.

The Parsons graduate born in Boston, raised in California had somewhat of a more difficult upbringing. With her parents’ divorce and her mother just on the brink of poverty, she was determined to make something of herself and never rely on a man financially.

Aside from home life, she didn’t find much of an escape at school either. She was countlessly made fun of for her height and unfortunate genetic condition, (incontinentia pigmenti). This caused her to suffer from malformed teeth, facial scarring and losing  an abundance of hair. She became an introvert but her mother’s encouragement to find an outlet (Fashion) empowered young Lyons to endure life’s difficulties. Today, she couldn’t be more confident.

Since news hit the media of Lyons leaving her first and only job of 26 years, mum’s been the word on what she’s up to now…Though, we can assume she’s dressed to the nines and doing just fine.

Jenna Lyons has created such a brand out of herself that makes her larger than life, maybe she became too glamorized for a conservative company like J. Crew. Jenna gave the modern woman a new look for work, and I’d personally love to see her take her famous sequins and stripes elsewhere. All in favor of a J. Lyons line, hands up!

Take a look at some of my favorite Jenna Lyons Fashion moments, below.


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