The many shoes I wear

Shoes are important in the fact that they are what carry a person from one place to another. They’re viewed as a commodity of which pleases two satisfactions: need and want. While their prices vary widely, the basic shoe functions in the same way as its neighbor…However, the difference in how a pink satin kitten heel versus a pair of black leather sandals can make you feel is what drives a person like me to collecting in oblivion.

It was recently brought to my attention that I, like many, wear many shoes…Both in the literal and figurative manner. I wear pointed flats, pink pumps, velvet block heels, gym sneakers, leather sneakers, suede boots… just to name a few. Similar to what appears on my feet, I kick off my “blogger heels” and trade them for my “student flats.” You see, I find myself perpetually adjusting identities (like shoes) according to what the day has in store. While it can be exhausting, it can also be rewarding.

Ask yourself this, would you excitedly throw on your suede boots for an evening full of rain? Or, do you instead pick a pair that complements, not challenges the weather? If you don’t transition to the appropriate pair of shoes, you can wind up leaving your boots damaged. What good is that? If you instead slip on rain boots, you can avoid ruining a nice pair of shoes as well as the discomfort of a drenched sock.


This outfit consist of a white crop top from Forever 21, Black jumpsuit from Mandee, and red block heels from Michael Kors.

One of the many pairs of “shoes” that I wear are that of being a blogger. I enjoy curating photos to match my thoughts as much as I do writing them. What started as a past time of documenting outfits in high school turned into something more like a public diary. I have always enjoyed sharing tips and tricks with others; where I purchased an article of clothing, what kind of makeup I’m using, how I style my hair, or whatever it be. However, I also enjoy presenting a relatable topic alongside all of that. My blog serves as a space for me to create, discuss, share and inspire others, if they should want to read it.


The paintings/drawings above are created by yours truly, with the exception of my mother’s beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Vogue’s photographed Chanel •5 perfume that I’ve simply framed. I will be making additions soon.

I’m a creative who enjoys experimenting with color, both on paper as well as foot. I express this identity through a variety of D-I-Y projects, such as my gallery wall. It’s currently a work in progress, but I’m already loving the way that it’s coming together. I gain a huge sense of pride when I take something ordinary and it becomes extraordinary.


I’m a dog-mommy to a beagle who is as mischievous as she is cute. She lights my world up where it was once dim, and makes sure to always keep me on my toes. I am responsible for her and her happiness, I treat her like my baby because she simply is. To April, I am the one who feeds, cleans, treats, snuggles and plays with her.



She’s ready for her close up!


It definitely needs some organizing, but this is where I store my cosmetics.

I’m a makeup enthusiast who isn’t afraid to sport a red lip one day and a purple smokey eye the next. Though, I’ve grown to favor a more natural face.


I’m an avid reader who can’t get enough of a rainy afternoon spent alongside my book shelf. In this photo are just a portion of what exists in my bedroom. I’m always adding to my collection of favorites, recently re-reading Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. I enjoy experimenting with genres, so I don’t have a particular favorite.

Though I’ve always considered myself to be a “good student” I’ve definitely made some significant changes since graduating to college. In high school, blowing off a night of studying to go out with friends was all too easy. In college, I’ve sort of rid myself of bad habits and fully immersed myself in being a student…inside and outside of class. It’s not enough to show up to class and jot a few notes down, and I take my semesters in school very seriously.


I could probably name plenty more “shoes” that I fill in every walk, but that simply isn’t the point. It’s important to realize that you are more than what one person perceives of you. The adjustments that I make based on whatever it is that I tackle is vital to gaining the most of every situation. We all carry ourselves a little differently on a rainy day as opposed to a day full of sun. Sometimes we are quiet and sometimes we are loud. Sometimes we wear blue shoes and sometimes we wear pink. Sometimes we wear leather and on others we wear suede.



  1. Aunt sue
    May 31, 2017 / 11:46 am

    What a great start to this day. Reading my adorable nieces blog!!! So much fun to know a little about what you are thinking at this moment. Keep up the fabulous work. Heaven knows where this will lead you. Love kisses and hugs
    Aunt Sue💕💕💕

    • June 1, 2017 / 2:26 am

      ❤ love you so much!!! I’m so glad you enjoy reading what I post!

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