A not-so serious Monday

Yesterday was the perfect day to bring some fun patterns and vibrancy out to play.

Elevate your classic B&W look with denim and a pop of color.

In light of Monday being my last day of class, I wanted to show you all what I typically wear on a school day.



The secret to this look? Light layering! I paired a sleeveless button-down (which happened to have butterflies on it) with a loose (but structured) black tee shirt. Pay close attention to the dramatic scoop neck (of the top layer) which allows for the collar and design (underneath) to be seen. This look can appear like a bit boxy, so I wrapped  a thin, black tie-belt around my waist to even the score.



Express flats, Call It Spring Handbag. Red nails contrasting the bag, intentional.


When you have hair as thick as mine, styling it with heat tools can be exhausting during these warmer months. For a quick style, I tie a hairband nice and low, loosen some strands and then twist and tie my ponytail in a full circle. Once secured by both a hair tie and bobby pins, I then mess with pieces so that it doesn’t appear too polished. I like a messier bun.



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