Spring has Sprung

60 degrees and sunny? I’ll take it.

Today was the perfect day to roll down the windows and soak up the sun.

Here’s a long-awaited post including everything from family to product and restaurant reviews. Another uber-busy Sunday!

My mom and I ran some quick morning errands first and then headed off to breakfast with Bonnie Downport. Mother Nature’s good mood was contagious and had us smiling!


On the way there…

We jammed out to some classics on POP2K and sang our hearts out, of course. Pink, Backstreet Boys, Brittney Spears, just to name a few artists.


What I wore…

I went with a comfortable and classic look of mine. Pairing my rolled up skinny jeans (Kohl’s) with patterned flats (a Charlotte Russe steal, $3.00 at the time I bought them.) and Tommy Hilfiger cross-body bag. Though you can’t see from this photo, I wore my scoop-hem tee (Old Navy) with a cozy long cardigan (Cotton On) for the light wind in the air.


Girls’ day out…

Bonnie and I visited Local’s (Port Jefferson) for the first time last night and we were completely obsessed. We decided for our Sunday breakfast we’d have to take our mama to try it out. Careful simplicity is in the urban-esque details and in the slideshow below you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

The selection of foods and drinks are a gift from God himself. Try the (perfect 2:1 ratio) avocado egg toast and matcha latte, my dream come true! I am always looking for cafés with a sit-in style and cool vibe, and this place definitely made my list. The proximity is so convenient (10 minute drive, 15 at most) while most cafés like this are either found in the Hamptons or Manhatten itself. I’m not yet sure if it’s pup-friendly or not, but by the looks of umbrellas outside, I’d say there’s a chance of outdoor seating for you and your pooch to enjoy.

Check it out yourself!

106 E Main St, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

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On this day, 3 years ago…

…Things would have been totally different. To my superhero cousin, I hope that your adventures continue above us and that you never stop smiling. The sun was definitely shining for you today. Happy 21st birthday, Sammy, your family loves and misses you immensely. I’m sure that the balloon that flew right out of my hands while visiting you was your way of messing with me like the good old days, and with that I’m content. I’m definitely hoping it reaches where you are. I wish I could give you a big hug, but for now I’ll just have to settle for the signs that you are near.


Home is where the heart is…

Dad was feeling under the weather this past week so we decided to give him a “day off” from his usual Sunday duties. He kept April company this morning while enjoying his usual car network that I’ll never find entertaining. I love him, but it is down right boring to sit and attempt to understand car-guy talk. Stevie was busy working on a customer’s car this weekend and continues to do so as I type. I’m certain he won’t be leaving the garage tonight.

My pup and I headed outside briefly to run around and take advantage of the day. Afterward, a refreshing treat was in order for the both of us. A slice of apple for her, an iced lemon water for me.



Mommy’s girl


“This will do!”



Poor Pop, I hope he feels better soon.


There are gym-rats and there are garage-rats. He’s sort of both. *rolling eyes while I lounge lazily on the couch*

A healthy way to get your tan and glow on…

As April hops on my lap I realize that I’ve forgotten to review a product that I’ve recently purchased. Hint, hint: Self tanner! I’ve always been reluctant to trying this trend out, however it has found its space in my heart. I’m not an expert, nor have I managed to get down the precise way to work your hands/feet/ankles (the trouble spots, apparently) but I’m determined to learn. It’s a super quick drying mousse, so you need to be speedy with your blending. With the help of a blending mitt (Which I happened to receive for free with a code at checkout) I had very few complications. If you look up Lovin Tan’s Instagram page, you’re bound to find promotions that can be used (@lovingtanofficial). I advise that you exfoliate your entire body and face 24 hours before application, but Loving Tan’s website also has a “How to Tips” on their page for more on how to prep for/master the process. Definitely check that out if you’re looking to use any self tanner for the first time.

You can find Loving Tan’s Deluxe Bronzing Mousse {Dark}: here



 There is no risk of harmful UV rays, wrinkling or premature aging that you’ll eventually experience with sunless tanning beds/ baking for hours outside. You’re left with a safe and healthy outcome that you’ll be satisfied with…And if not, it fades! It’s a win-win situation.

My Latest Project…

With spring cleaning taking it’s course I’ve decided to finally release the project that has been sitting on the back burner of my mind. I’ve been dying to get started on a gallery wall for my bedroom. I painted the room with my mom and realized that although I love the color, it can be pretty dull and dark when the sun goes down. I wanted to give it a fresher look and pump some life back into my space. Here are just a few of the pictures I’ve chosen to hang up.

The Marilyn Monroe painted by my talented Mother is obviously my favorite piece. All other paintings/drawings with the exception of a Chanel N•5 magazine print are my personal pieces.

I plan to create some more fun and quirky pieces to add on. Stay tuned for an additional post when the process is done, DIY headboard, lights, decor and more.



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