Mama’s Pita-Za!

I’m not sure what people love more, pizza or a 10 minute meal preparation? Either way, you get the best of both worlds with this easy recipe.

Credits to my Mom who is always looking to keep things interesting in the kitchen. She came up with this little recipe about a week ago and my family has been drooling over it since. I urge you to give it a try!

What you’ll need:


A flat tray covered in Aluminum foil, (Mini or full sized) Pita bread, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato, Basil, Garlic Powder and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Assembling the Pita-Za: (Click for Instructions/Close up)

Here’s my cute and innovative Madre getting ready to put the Pita-Za’s in the oven.


Broil on high until the cheese starts to bubble…This usually only takes about 3 minutes.


Once you see that the cheese has melted, bake at 350 for 5 more minutes.


Voilà! Allow the pies to cool for a little.


Please do not burn yourselves. Use a spatula to lift your pies from the foiled tray.

Get creative:


My mom and I love using Classico Tomato and Basil sauce. Add pepperoni for a spin on an all time classic “pizza.”

Try imitating your favorite pizza with this easy and delicious alternative!


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