Easy and (very) breezy

Sundays…The unofficial day reserved for laziness and good eats. 

Today I woke up to an oddly still house that alluded emptiness. To my dismay, everyone had been up and out already while I hadn’t even taken a sip of my morning tea.  While I first was confused, I then realized it was already noon and it was my first “sleep in” in 2 weeks. Oops…

Since today called for a theme of low maintenance, I tossed the curling iron in the drawer and played around with fuss-free braids. I’ve been experimenting with braids lately for the first time since high school, and it’s felt good to slip back into a fun routine I once knew so well.


Double-dutch /fishtail braid combo.

I justified my lazy behavior for the day and rewarded it with FroYo. (The sugar free coffee flavor cancels out the crushed Reese’s, right?) I’m clearly all about balance.


There are two kinds of people in this world: Bonnie Vs Me

The view of the outdoors is extremely deceiving. Inside the comfort and warmth of my house, feeling the sun on my skin is a generous treat…Until I walk outside and the frigid air nearly burns my skin off.

March, what has happened?


This relaxed look is mainly a tribute to Old Navy. Their comfortable and affordable clothing is a must-have for days like today. Hurry while they are still having a 30%+ off sale! Relaxed Boat-Neck Tee: Here, Similar boyfriend jeans: Here, Star flats are from Express, Similar pair: Gap.

April is just happy to have someone around to reward her with doggy-treats.


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