Saturday Stars

It’s no secret that I’m a frequent wearer of denim, but my reliance on star patterned clothing has become a given for this year. I love the girlish play on tom-boy looks such as a classic navy sweater beneath a boxy shaped overall dress. I believe that the stars on my favorite H&M sweater give this look more life along with a contrasting red bootie to top it off.

It’s been quite a week and my exhausted (sunlight-deprived) face says it all. Sometimes, it’s nice to put down the mascara and embrace natural beauty. The same goes for my hair, I enjoy styling it with a quick wave routine. After grabbing a few large pieces it sort of falls the way it naturally wants to, but better.


Sweater: H&M, Similar Forever 21 & Bloomingdales

Overall dress: Mandee, Similar ASOS & H&M

Booties from previous post: Nine West


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