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Written Date: February 18, 2017

Hello everyone (loyal and new alike), welcome to Be•Bloggy!

For those who happen to come across my website and do not know me, my name is Isabel and this isn’t my first stint as a blogger.

Here’s a recap on how it all began:

I actually first became enamored with the world of story-telling (because that is what blogging actually is), toward the end of my senior year of high school. I worked with two of my amazing friends, one who co-coordinated posts with me as well as another who photographed for us. It was an awesome time because we were doing it for fun and we got along so well. Eventually as we parted ways for college, it became a bit more difficult and costly to set aside time to see each other. This was beginning to take a toll on our blog’s consistency which began sitting on the back burner for a while until we slowly began to lose touch as friends.

It was unfortunate but I knew I’d revisit the idea of creating content again in a way that was personal to me, so when I was rejected by F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) back in November of 2015, it was the perfect opportunity for me to use my writing to relay a message about holding on to your dreams no matter the adversity. This spoke to a variety of people on a level that took me by surprise. I received kind and encouraging words from those who had faced a similar event. People shared their stories with me and allowed me to feel like we were all a part of a community. I loved the feeling of being able to connect with people via topic.

I jumped a bit quickly into creating a website afterwards and didn’t have a plan, reason or rhyme but to just go for it. While this was all within good intention, I had no direction yet and I couldn’t successfully convey what I wanted my blog to be all about at the time. I basically had to stop myself to figure out what I was doing, where I was going and who was coming with me.

In my time off, I’ve worked hard on coming up with a unique name (this took longer than you think), a mission statement (see “About”), and plan for upcoming content. Thus, Be•Bloggy was born!

Fast forward to now:

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s pretty obvious that my separation from the world of blogging was temporary.

I’m super excited to announce the relaunch of my blog and that I’ve branched out to Youtube as well! It’s something I never thought I’d get into, however I like how much more personal some face time can be as opposed to the written word and photos.

By diversifying my use of communication, I hope to truly grow my blog and audience. With that being said, you can expect to see my usual love of Fashion incorporated into almost everything that I post, with subtopics of more sustenance.

Just to name a few…

  • Recipes: For either the health fanatic or the dessert obsessed, I promise to do a little bit of both
  • Travel: Whether it be a 10 minute walk from my house or a plane ride’s length away, there will be adventure
  • Beauty: Tutorials/Get Ready With Me’s, DIY projects/How To’s
  • Q&A’s: Will be taken and announced prior by all social media handles as well as email
  • Product Reviews: Anything from new makeup to a small online boutique’s clothing
  • Monthly Favorites: Whether it be my go-to-denim jacket, cozy blanket, or the highlighter I can’t live without
  • What’s In My Bag: The obvious, “let’s go through this pretty mess of a bag” and see what I find
  • My guide to being a Dog Mom: Activities and places to visit/eat with your fur baby, and outing necessities
  • Anything else I happen to think of along the way

Now that I’ve mapped out all of these ideas, I hope that I’ve caught your attention and made you as excited as I am!

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading, watching and viewing my content as well as growing alongside Be•Bloggy with me.

Isabel signing off, Enjoy this week’s posts!



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